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Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers and holes are anything someone or something says or does that triggers an emotional response (over the top) to the situation. We often blame the person or the event for our emotions and see it as something negative or 'bad.' We will automatically go to the worst story in our minds, which happens instantaneously.

For instance, Joe is talking to someone, and he thanks the person, and they roll their eyes – Joe immediately gets triggered and goes to the worst senior in his mind– "I knew he never liked me." Or "What did I do wrong!" Or "He such an asshole."

We are hardwired to make sense of our struggles or falls as fast as possible, and we can come up with a story that makes sense; our brain chemically awards us for that story, whether it's accurate or not.

And now, Joe has created a whole narrative to protect himself from the next time they meet.

So triggers happen because the event triggered suppressed emotions of a past painful event and created a wound within the body - with a story attached. These beliefs and suppressed emotions are hidden deep in the subconscious.

Our issues live in our tissues – they truly do. We need to get curious about perceptions and what happened so we don't offload our pain onto others. I am sure many of you heard the statement, "hurt people hurt people."

Our healing is not dependent on others – it's about us figuring out why the trigger is. So our triggers have the answers to our healing. Don't try to run from them – get curious. And so emotional triggers are an excellent way to help us heal because they show us which parts of ourselves need attention.

So, every time something triggers us, be grateful. Because now, we've revealed an area that still needs work inside us, which otherwise might have yet to be shown.

We compassionately investigate the core stories we tell ourselves; what those beliefs are, where they came from; and the possibility of letting go of those stories so they don't hold us back anymore.

Warmly, Paul Noiles

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