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Specializing in:
1) Spiritual awakening: freedom from suffering, attachments, and the ego-mind.

2) Lasting recovery from ALL substance or behavioral addictions. I am a trauma-informed coach with training in CI from Dr. Gabor Mate. 

3) Working with the families of those with addictions.

4) Codependency issues – loving too much and can’t say NO. 

5) Interventions

6) Sober Travel Companion


Intervention Testimonial


My son had been suffering in the world of drugs and addiction since he was young, and he is now 40. In the last few months, he had been in the hospital three times, with the last one an overdose.


As his mom, I felt like a lost soul, not knowing where to turn. I had called a few treatment centers with long waiting lists, and my son wanted nothing to do with getting help. 


A friend highly recommended I call Paul Noiles, and he called back within an hour. I immediately felt some hope and understanding of what my son was going through after that initial conversation with Paul. His compassion was evident, and he didn't even know us. 


Within a week, he set up an intervention. He guided each of our family members in writing an "Impact Letter" and then added helpful suggestions. He also organized my grandkids to pick up their dad for breakfast and then bring him to the intervention location.


It was one of the most challenging days of our lives, and we did not know whether my son would say yes to treatment. Paul handled this intervention with such grace, and I will forever be grateful for a man that I never knew two weeks before that. 


"When you think things are falling apart, it's actually coming together."


My son is now in treatment! Thank you, Paul, from the bottom of our hearts!


Reading his book "Mistaken Identity - The Sacred Journey from Addiction to Awakening" has reaffirmed so much he had spoken about in our conversations before the intervention.  


His book was another incredible awakening to what's truly going on in the world of addiction. Paul "s courage has given my family so much to look forward to in my son's healing from a lifetime trauma.

Anonymous to protect my son 
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