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"It's been about a month since I completed my sessions with you, and I am amazed at the transformation I've experienced. The constant burden of unhappy thoughts and anxiety has lifted, and I've learned to manage my triggers effectively. These issues no longer dominate my days as they used to.


Paul, I have been following your posts for years, always resonating deeply with your messages, even more so than with any self-help books or articles on recovery and growth. However, I never believed I could truly change my mindset and thoughts. Your unique energy and approach have made this healing journey incredibly effective.


As I write this, I am filled with gratitude and a profound sense of understanding about life that I didn't have before. Your guidance has been life-changing, and I am beyond thankful for the new perspective and peace you've helped me achieve. Thank you, Paul, for everything."


Kelly Hurst (May 29, 2024) 

Huntington Beach


"Paul guided me to the truth about what really happened in my childhood. He helped me take a balanced look at my parents and challenged me to be honest about my destructive behaviors. He did this with loving compassion and unconditional acceptance. I felt safe being vulnerable and honest with him. I was given the tools needed to move forward in my recovery. I am beyond grateful for my time with him, and I plan to continue working with him in the future."

Ida Wibber - Norway 

"Working with Paul has changed my life. His approach and concept of Trauma Recovery therapy are next to none. Paul truly cares about helping people heal. He makes you feel safe and held while walking you through your healing journey. Going to those dark parts of ourselves is hard, but we can truly see how beautiful life is once we heal from our trauma. I will always be grateful that Paul came into my life."

Sara Hudye, Canora - SK - Canada 

"Working with Paul changed my life!   I reached out to him when my life was so unmanageable - stricken by fear, shame, and pain.  Paul supported me through some very difficult times.  His professional approach comes from life experiences and knowledge.   His support helped me shed the protective layers of my childhood trauma, allowing me to move forward.  He is a very good listener, kind, and cares about his clients, but is also truthfully honest when needed. 


Paul has taught me valuable life skills.  His teachings gave me the confidence and encouragement to prioritize my life and relationships.  Paul has made an incredible and positive change in my life. 


Thank you, Paul!"

Mary, Toronto 

"I am profoundly grateful that I gave myself the gift of working with Paul. He created a safe and compassionate space for me to lean into my anxious and vulnerable self and I felt seen and heard in ways never experienced in traditional therapy. His insightful and intuitive style and experience with compassionate inquiry sets Paul apart from the others in his field. I am beyond grateful to have worked with this wise man."


Daphne Boutilier. California USA 


“I learned of Paul Noiles when his book The Mistaken Identity came across my Facebook page. I bought the book and within a few chapters I knew I wanted to use him as my life coach. I found Paul to be very knowledgeable, kind, and very compassionate. No session is ever wasted. He gets right to the heart of the matter. I never realized how much of my past trauma was affecting my life today. Session by session he helps be tear down the walls of fear, pain, and sadness that keeps me from living my best life. I will always be thankful that I saw his book on my Facebook timeline.”

Robin shared this after 12 sessions with me: "Every session continues to amaze me! I feel so much lighter and free!  Your insight is truly a gift Paul, I don't think you can learn that type of ability. It's truly God-given. I hope you know that. Today my soul is shining!!!"


Robin Jackson Shepherdsville, Kentucky, USA

"Flipping through Facebook one day, I saw a post about a book "Mistaken Identity". I read "not good enough, hopeless, unlovable, worthless" Wow!! That was me-and at that time-only a mere 2 months ago- I was so lost, so hurt and full of self loathing, rage, toxic shame. I had it all. Let me tell you, timing is everything and as Paul said "there are no such things as coincidences" Paul quite literally saved my life. I encourage anyone struggling as I was or know someone who is to reach out to him. Paul has helped me in ways I never thought possible. He truly is a "cherry" lifesaver! I know that I have a long way to go, but that is the point-I am still here! I cannot say enough or thank him enough-I am still here."


Julie Kaufman-Beauchain -New Hampshire, USA

"Paul has changed things in my life that I never imagined could be fixed. My family was in a very last resort/completely giving up type of situation. We met Paul, he stepped in and helped us in every aspect. I would trust Paul’s judgement on any situation in my life. He has truly saved our relationships with our children, family members, etc., and I look forward to our sessions every week. Recovery/spiritual awakening is tough stuff and I would have never made it this far without Paul. He is helpful and I can call or text him anytime and absolutely know he has me and my family’s best interest at heart. We are so very thankful for everything he has done for us and do not know where we would be without him."


Beth Bright – Grenada, Mississippi

"Paul Noiles changed my life. I reached out to Paul in desperation. At the end of our initial conversation, Paul told me "Kevin, today may be the first day of the rest of your life." Those words could not have been more fitting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Paul."


Kevin Pidruchny – Winnipeg, Manitoba


"Making the decision to work with Paul ranks at the top of my list of very WISE decisions!!!! I am learning about myself and growing in ways I never thought possible....and this is just the tip of the iceberg. When I do this "work", I KNOW that I am being SEEN and HEARD in ways that I have never known during my many decades on this planet. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have found an amazing soul to guide me on my journey to WAKE UP!"

Laurie Drosky – Warrington, Pennsylvania

"Working with Paul changed the direction of my life forever.  I came to him crippled with fear and in pain, my life was unmanageable and I didn't know how to carry on.   Paul's approach was like no other that I've experienced before or since.  He embraced me in a genuine caring and loving way that was professional and coming from a place of experience and knowledge. He gave me the straight-up no-nonsense reality check that I needed that saved my life as well as kindness and tenderness that helped me heal and move forward into beginning my journey to enlightenment."


Rebecca Beveridge - Saskatoon, Canada


"Working with Paul was an exercise in being guided back to me in the most self-accepting and loving way possible. Childhood trauma and addiction can be so isolating, Paul's personal experiences allowed me to feel so less alone and so much better understood. Working with someone who walks the talk and knows the pain was so healing, and Paul has given me knowledge and techniques that have moved me forward on so many levels. Thank you, Paul!"


Sharon Kimber – Victoria, Australia

"In working with Paul Noiles, I have learned to unearth, like an archeologist of the human mind and spirit, my authentic self, exploring level by level, the mistaken beliefs I had created about whom I was, or wasn't. At each step, I felt self-empowered, never as though someone else was finding this for me. Imagine that! And so now, at almost 71 years of age, I am starting a new life, with much enthusiasm, and curiosity to keep on discovering the joys and wisdom of being ALIVE! He helped me become the strong watcher of self, with non-judgment and acceptance of being human, with all its ups and downs. And I have learned to be able to rest with discomfort, instead of trying all the time to self-soothe. I had worked with therapists for so long, trying to stop self-harming and addictive habits, without getting to the bottom of it all. Until I worked with Paul. So all I can say besides, "Thank you Paul" is, "Take a chance, engage with him, and IF NOT NOW, When?!! Really GO FOR IT! What a gift and you deserve it!"

Jennifer Kip -Berkeley, California, and Mexico 

"I began coaching sessions with Paul during a period of sadness, depression, and confusion. Most of the work was done around co-dependency - something I had never really considered. I find Paul to be compassionate, sincere, and wanting to get to the root causes of the pain and to move forward. His style can be pretty straightforward at times - no beating around the bush - and I believe this is partly what jilted a change in my behaviors and outcomes. Life is feeling so much better, but still a work in progress. Thanks, Paul!"


Pat A Guillemin – Regina, Canada


"Paul is an incredible and intuitive coach. He meets you where you are at. No judgment, but options on how to work through life issues that are creating chaos, health issues, and replace them with workable tools to push forward. Paul is a no-nonsense supporter, but very empathetic. Highly recommend."


Carrie Lea Lang – Pennsylvania, United States

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in my recovery! April 1 – will be my 7 years sober and I could not have done it without you! My health has not always allowed me to get out in the past few years. Your online messages have truly been an anchor on some of my darkest days. I am full of gratitude as your messages always stood out and were such a beacon of light and always made my day. I knew that I did not have to do it on my own – Namaste.”

Karen Hope - Vancouver Island, Canada

"My experience with Paul has taught me so much about myself and has empowered me to become someone I desire to be; it has caused a momentous shift in my daily habits and thought patterns. Paul possesses a keen sense of intuition and connection to his higher spiritual being. I believe absolutely any person can experience a positive transformative shift with the work Paul does."

Meghan Henderson - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I reached out in a moment of crisis. Paul was there within a Minute. Selfless, warm, and wise he held the space for my grief and supported me. His presence made it possible for me to fully dive into the hole I felt. Only then transformation of pain could happen and I could reconnect to my truth. Deeply grateful for his clarity and pointing. I wish everyone suffering from emotional pain had someone like Paul around. Thank you - thank you - thank you!”

Nadja Franke - Munich, Germany

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Paul as my Awakening Coach. Paul's support and direction have helped me begin to view myself and my circumstances in a new light. His approach focuses on self-acceptance and includes honest discussion, straight-talking feedback, and guidance on what to do to move forward to get "unstuck." Paul is thoughtful and well-organized. He has directed me toward meditation, daily affirmations, self-examination exercises, and other "homework" to help me let go of my fears and find healing. I recommend Paul as a down-to-earth, compassionate and knowledgeable mentor for anyone who needs help letting go of a lifetime of patterns and beliefs that aren't serving them well.”

Millie Garnet -Washington, Unites States

“Paul understands the importance of the - I am. He has directed me in the current path of my own spiritual awakening, and I am forever grateful for it. I learned a great deal about my true essence and I took that and applied it to my mental, physical, and spiritual self, and it has manifested itself in many ways. He has brought joy to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Paul is the real deal. Thank you, Paul.”

Logan Legiehn – Winnipeg, Canada

"Paul you really took my recovery to the next level and I'll always be incredibly grateful for the help you gave me. The 12-step program set a good foundation for me, but you built on that foundation and took my recovery to a whole new level. To anyone who reads this, I can't recommend Paul highly enough. His knowledge of recovery is exceptional. His compassion, caring, and love for the people he is helping are truly amazing. If you are struggling like I was then he can really help you. Recovery was a real fight for me but Paul turned that around and was a major factor in probably saving my life, and you can't put a price on that. God bless you, Paul."

Greg L. - Toronto, Canada

 “A year ago I asked Paul for advice in a personal matter, after following him on Facebook for a long time. Despite the fact that he lives on the other side of the world, he was the person I imagined could help me. And he did. He did not tell me what to do, yet what he wrote to me, made me able to let go of a lot of fear and make my own decision, which I have not regretted one second. Without him, I may not have dared to go in this direction, which has been so good for me. I will definitely and eagerly grab this opportunity to have access to his experience, and I recommend the same to others.”

Inger Alice Rekk – Bergen, Norway

“You blew my mind and made some of the missing pieces of the 'meditation puzzle', that have been absent in my 'journey of self-discovery, fall into place. I guess from other people's comments on your posts that you already know you are radically changing the way we look at life, but I really want you to know that you have done it again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Lisa Seeley -  Perth, Western Australia

“Thank you, Paul! I am able to live life in a more positive way because if your teaching. I can’t thank you enough. I knew when I met you were going to be important.”

Katelynn O’Hara – Manitoba, Canada

“I have known Paul for a few years and always connected with his writing but speaking to him was something else. We got right to it with super useful meditation that transformed my physiological state immediately, followed by some practices that got to the heart of my key issues. He’s one of my favourite people and I am glad to know him!

Olivia Streater Lavizzari – Basel, Switzerland

"I’ve been in recovery for 5 years and hit a serious health roadblock which was caused entirely by stress and anxiety. I have been in this uncomfortable place before. Years of therapy do not compare to the simple tools Paul gave me. It turns out I was no longer addicted to substances but addicted to suffering. It’s what I know and where I’m ironically comfortable. Paul’s teachings from his book made me realize FEAR (false evidence appearing real and my mistaken identity was blocking my faith and my happiness. Both were simply not true. I am love. At my core. I’m not my pain or my mistaken identity. Love is who I am. Thanks, Paulie!"

Lisa Parsons – Toronto, Canada

"After seven years of sobriety in a 12-step program, I had hit a wall. While no longer in active addiction I was still mired in unhealthy thinking and I was desperately unhappy. I reached out to Paul after following his posts in an online recovery forum. I knew from his powerful and heartfelt writing that he would have the insights I needed to help me move forward. My instincts were right. Paul helped me understand the origins and depth of my "mistaken identity" and provided me with a toolbox to start unraveling the past and believing in my own light. His own incredible journey out of darkness is inspiring and allows him to connect on a level that someone who hasn't walked that path never could. In a world filled with pseudo gurus, Paul Noiles is the real deal."

Steven Curson – Calgary, Canada

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