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Exploring the Inner Child: A Healing Exercise for Emotional Wellness

I have an Inner Child Healing Exercise for little infant YOU:

(do this exercise in a quiet, comfortable place where you feel safe)


Imagine you are a wise and gentle wizard, viewing infant you in a crib. Who else is in the room? Your mom? Your dad? What does it feel like with these people? Now imagine you are that precious tiny baby, and you look up at the wise wizard you, who loving pics you up and says these affirmations while holding you:


Welcome to the world; I've been waiting for you.

I'm so glad you're here.

I've prepared a special place for you to live.

I like you just the way you are.

I will not leave you, no matter what.

Your needs are Okay with me.

I'll give you all the time you need to meet your needs.

I'm so glad you're a boy (or girl)

I want to take care of you and am prepared to do that.

I like feeding, bathing, changing, and spending time with you.

In all the world, there has never been another like you.

Spirit – God – The One Power in the Universe smiled when you were born.


Be with all the emotions that show up, and do not rush it.


I learned this exercise from the great John Bradshaw over a decade ago. Healing Little Me saved my life.


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