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Beliefs have the Power to Illuminate and Darken our Path

The humble phrase "I don't know" seems to be disappearing from our society. Instead, people rely on their beliefs as 'certainty,' which can be dangerous, and here is why:


Beliefs, those potent forces shaping our consciousness, have the power to illuminate and darken our path. They can be guiding lights or chains that bind and destroy us. For instance, I would have never found my recovery and authentic, loving self until I recognized and dismantled my false, limiting beliefs, which I call Mistaken Identity. We all have some Mistaken Identity.


Imagine a world that understood that it's okay not to know. The unknown is part of LIFE; no one can escape that truth. The words "I don't know" convey wisdom, humility, curiosity, and openness to new possibilities of knowledge. I overcame my addiction because I admitted I didn't know how to stop on my own.


Conflicting beliefs, the "my belief is right, and yours is wrong" mentality, sow chaos in our world and threaten the very fabric of life itself. But here's the truth: beliefs are not facts or truth, despite how passionately proclaimed. They're constructs of consciousness, ways of thinking born from fear, and most of our beliefs aren't even our own. We inherit from our upbringing, society, culture, and authority figures.


As children, we have no choice but to believe in our parents and other adults of authority—it's survival. We hold our attachment and learn not to think and process for ourselves. 


Questioning our beliefs was taboo for many of us. If we did, rejection, withholding of love, intimidation, shame, and, for some, even violence could follow. These are control mechanisms, and control is about power, not love.


As we age, we begin to question our beliefs. It takes incredible courage to find a path to wisdom and truth.


We assimilate other people's beliefs to fit in and protect ourselves, even when our intuition may tell us it's wrong. We end up losing ourselves - mistaken identity.


"As long as the mind clings to belief, it is held in a prison." ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti,


The way out of our prison is to investigate, identify, and delete the outdated programming, rules, and beliefs that keep us from knowing our authentic selves. This doesn't require new beliefs; it's admitting we don't have to know. We can then remain curious and open to seeking new knowledge. If not, we will continue the unthinkable behavior and consequences of addiction, and the world will continue to live divided and sick.


We need an awakening of consciousness, which means destroying our Mistaken Identity—all the false and limiting beliefs that have kept us from knowing our truth and the great LOVE within. But it requires “Radical Self-Compassion” because our Mistaken Identity wants to live. 


Satnam ( truth is my identity)

Paul Noiles

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