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You Matter! #healing #recovery #trauma

Here is how I see it: there are only two kinds of people: 1) those with a deep sense of love and belonging and know their worth, 2) those who struggle for it and subconsciously believe they are not worthy of love and belonging.

It's not your fault because it's old trauma – but it's your responsibility now that we know. Remember, it does not take much to traumatize a little soul.

The second one was me for the first 40 years of my life, and today, if the voice of "I am not worthy" shows its silly little face - I know it's just an old thought of little Paulie who had to hold his attachment and had to throw out his authenticity to survive.

Using inner child work helps people have compassion and know they are always worthy – it's our birthright. Here I am, 59 years old, and I know wholeheartedly that my actual state of being is LOVE, but it didn't just happen; it required recovery, healing, vulnerability, courage, connection, and daily consistent awakening practice.

Now something From my book "Mistaken Identity – A Sacred Journey from Addiction to Awakening."

"What does someone with addiction believe about themselves when in pain? After contemplating the question, I realized I had always thought I was the pain—that any negative emotion I experienced was because of my flaws and lack of worth. This toxic shame continuously fueled my addiction and made relapse predictable and recovery impossible. I was startled by this discovery. A short time later, while meditating, I sensed Higher Consciousness asking if I was the pain. I said I wasn'twasn't. Higher Consciousness then asked who was experiencing the pain.

I realized then that I had created a false self to deal with my psychological, physical, and emotional pain. Therefore, there must be an authentic self beyond the pain. From these powerful questions came the Mistaken Identity catchphrase: Addiction is about pain, the pain of not knowing or liking who we think we are (unworthiness)."

Here is a helpful Mirror Affirmation to help us reconnect to ourselves:

"I love you (your name). I love you. I am a beautiful soul. I am smart. I am worthy of the very best in life. There has never been and never will be anyone like me. I will be vulnerable. I will speak from the heart and stay humble. I will be my best friend. I will practice compassion and loving-kindness for myself. I am enough. I am more than enough, and I will always be enough. Now get to work (your name). The world needs you!"

Your Life Matters – All of IT! But especially the pain and disconnection in childhood – it matters. Why? Because You Matter! You're a beautiful magnificent Sunflower. You don't know it fully yet!

Born to LOVE,

Paul Noiles

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