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The End of Relapse

From my upcoming book - Nov 2019 The End of Relapse (The Mistaken Identity Model of Addiction)


"There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind—you are the one who hears it." ~ Michael A. Singer

If a reporter asked, “What is the most important chapter ( Layer) of your book, Paul?” I would not hesitate with this one because thoughts and emotions were the fuel that drove my addiction, and I wholeheartedly believed I was the mind.

Throughout the book you will notice a common theme; most of our suffering is because we believe in our thoughts. We believe in the bullshit of our minds.

“A life stuck in the head is living life in prison.” ~ Paul Noiles

Therefore, and without a doubt, “We are not our mind?” is the most crucial layer of the onion that needs to be investigated and peeled.

Here is how it all began:

Toronto, Ontario 1998—Homeless With A Few Days Clean:

I was mulling around a Toronto used bookstore when I accidentally knocked over a stack of books. I placed them all back on the table except one. For some reason, I was drawn to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I opened the book to Chapter One, “You Are Not Your Mind.” I was shocked and said, “Get the fuck out of here!” But something kept saying, What if he is correct and I am not my mind? I would finally find some relief, and maybe find some lasting recovery was my conclusion. After all, I used 90 percent of the time because of the pain of the never-ending array of negative thoughts that bombarded my mind.

I stole Tolle’s book and read every word like it was food from the heavens. My road to awakening and recovery truly began with that aha moment. I had the hope I needed.

After studying Tolle, I came to realize from early childhood onward, I equated thinking with who I was (being). When in fact, BEING has nothing to do with thinking; they are separate. We are the consciousness that has thoughts not the thoughts themselves. It’s a big difference. My mind was highjacked by the false belief that all my negative thoughts were who I was. It’s no wonder I hated myself and why I kept on relapsing.

Had I not found what I call the Holy Grail of recovery, I would still be relapsing, or worse, dead. Unfortunately, this is not taught in most treatment centres and it should be.

Addiction is a manifestation of never-ending negative thoughts that create intense cravings for a substance or behaviour. ~ Paul Noiles

From that point forward, I was on a mission to find liberation from my mind. Through years of painful work, I would eventually found my freedom and it was the end of relapse.

Satnam Paul Noiles

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