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The 10-Letter Dirty Word? DISCIPLINE

The 10-letter dirty word that most people want to avoid - It’s Discipline. I would be dead a long time ago had I not become willing to do what it took to find my recovery from a powerful addiction.

All addictions come out of pain, And All Recovery Comes Out of Love Love is a verb that requires Discipline to do the things we don’t want to do - until it becomes a habit. All good habits can change our beliefs about ourselves because we must become different people to succeed in anything. I don’t know anyone who has succeeded in recovery, business or sports, or anything without Great Discipline.

So we need courage to get out of our comfort zone, like getting up early and doing it even when we are tired and don’t feel good. Because all change is difficult - we have a fearful brain that still thinks sober tooth tigers are chasing us.

But here is the magic of Discipline – when we do it consistently – it becomes easier and easier because we are wiring into our subconscious. Eventually, we will enjoy what Discipline brings us.

I also created this power question 20 years ago: For instance, when I don’t want to go to the gym or meditate or breathe or eat healthy

Paul, have you ever worked out and, in the end, said to yourself I wish I never came to the gym – the answer is NEVER.

My friends -- There are no secret formulas, hacks, or quick fixes, and no one is coming to save us. We must crush our rescue fantasy and decide to take full responsibility for our lives, and that requires -- Great Discipline.

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