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Reparenting Little You!

Tyler Perry, the famous filmmaker, actor, and advocate talks openly about being abused by his father in an interview with Chris Wallace. In the interview was a picture of him at five years old.

WALLACE: What do you think about that little boy five years old?

Perry: That’s hard to look at; I look so much like my son. The great thing about having a child now seven years old is I get to say all those things that I didn’t get to tell my younger self, so I feel like it’s helping to heal a lot of wounds.

WALLACE: Have you come to terms with the fact that you didn’t get that from your father? Or is it still an open wound?

PERRY: I’ve come to terms with it, but the beauty of having my son - is every time I say I love him, I feel that is also being said to the LITTLE BOY in me.

Perry: My father sent a message to me a few years ago through my brother saying, if I beat your ass one more time, you would be Barack Obama, meaning that he thinks his abuse brought me to success. But he negates the love of my mother. And the love of my mother is what brought me here. It wasn’t the abuse; it wasn’t the rage and the anger. It was her love that brought me to this place.

(From the interview: His Dad wiped him so bad it felt his skin coming off, and he tried to take his life when he was younger.)

I salute his courage to share so openly. We both had similar fathers that believed their way of fathering would make us better – they wer