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All relationships are mirrors.

All relationships are mirrors.

• When we judge others - we judge ourselves. • How we treat others is really how we treat ourselves. • What we give out - we get right back. • The qualities we admire in others are also within ourselves. • The qualities we dislike in others are also within ourselves, or they were once within ourselves.

All relationships are holy encounters because they show us everything that is holding us back from knowing LOVE resides within ourselves and the other person.

As I see it, the primary purpose in all relationships should be to challenge ourselves to grow and to not try to fix the other person. No one needs to be fixed.

I see soul mate relationships as two rough rocks that grind together like sandpaper polishing off each other's rough edges but it requires two willing participates. The end result is

two beautiful stones.

When I fully accept you - I fully accept me. When I can unconditionally love you - I unconditionally love myself When I can forgive you - I forgive myself. When I bless you - I bless myself.

It's the real meaning of namaste.

All human relationships are an opportunity to wake-up and experience there is NO - me, and there is NO - you. There is only ONE - ONE LOVE. When we know this, we will never want to hurt another because we would be hurting ourselves.

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