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You Are Love

Serendipity so often happens on the spiritual path. As we continue to awaken spiritually, we find that the information, experience, person, thing, or opportunity we need appears at just the right time. And so it was with this post.

A friend in recovery sent me the following poem by Cleo Wade, which her brother, also in recovery, had sent her. I hope it inspires you to let go of your Mistaken Identity and open yourself to the flawless truth:

You Are Love

love never lies shame never tells the truth it tells you you are not good enough the truth is you are it tells you you have to be perfect the truth is you don’t it tells you your mistakes are fatal wounds the truth is you heal it tells you everything has fallen apart the truth is you will rebuild it tells you that you will stay sunken in despair the truth is you will rise it tells you you failed you lost and you got hurt the truth is you learned (what to do next time) you gained (knowledge from your knockdown) and found out (just how strong you are) it says you will never make it the truth is keep going for shame said you would never survive and the truth is you are still here

And finally, the most common statement I hear, time and time again from my clients and one that I wrestled with myself for over 40 years:

“I have nothing to offer the world.”

Yes, you do!

Every human being can serve humanity right now by being their authentic selves! Because when we are ourselves, we allow others to let go of their self-judgment and be themselves.

Nobody needs some grandiose purpose. JUST BE YOURSELF—which means accepting Love as our true nature. It’s more than enough!

“The most precious and honorable gift you can give anyone is your authentic self.”

Have a wonderful weekend.

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