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The Power of Silent Power

Silent Power is a profound lesson in self-mastery. It teaches us that we don't have to react immediately to criticism, attacks, false accusations, and judgments. Instead, we can choose to do nothing, even if it means biting our lips, keeping our mouths shut, or quickly retracting our words. This powerful practice allows us to turn inward and observe our inner landscape when triggered.

I've found immense value in taking 24-48 hours of Silent Power to process my triggers before responding to the person I'm upset with. More often than not, this pause allows me to realize that the issue was within me and had nothing to do with the other person.

Silent Power doesn't mean we should isolate ourselves. We can still meditate, contemplate, or seek guidance from trusted friends or mentors to navigate our issues.

Silent Power is tough, but I knew I could never genuinely mature emotionally unless I learned to sit with my discomfort, identify the triggers, and understand their origins.

Triggers are like whispers from our past, echoing in our present, and they can hold the keys to profound self-discovery. To truly understand triggers, we must cultivate self-awareness. Pause, breathe, and ask yourself, "Why does this trigger me?" What lies beneath the surface?

These triggers can be powerful guides, pointing us toward our inner landscapes and urging us to explore the uncharted territories of our souls. Triggers are not just irritations; they are gateways to deeper understanding. When we react strongly, it often reveals more about our wounds and vulnerabilities than external circumstances. Acknowledging our triggers, we embark on a journey of self-compassion and Healing.

As Dr. Gabor Maté beautifully puts it, "Whenever we get emotionally triggered, somebody pulls that trigger. But let us always remember that we carry the ammunition inside us.” AND “The first question is not why the addiction; why the pain?

Our triggers have the answer to our healing, recovery, and awakening! We are not victims because it is all going down with us, meaning we have the power to heal, overcome, and learn the truth.

So, honor our triggers as messengers, invitations to heal and grow. Let's embark on this sacred quest of self-discovery, for in understanding our triggers; we unlock the door to a more profound connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Finally, I will leave you with this quote from Mike Tyson, which fits perfectly with a trigger - “Sometimes I get in my head and think I’m somebody and then I’m easily offended. But when I know I’m nobody I could never be offended.”

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