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Just Let Go

I used to become pissed off when someone would say, "Just let it go Paul!" I would try harder, making myself even more upset, and of course, not let go.

The reasons why I couldn't or wouldn't let go:

1) Part of me did not want to let go because I had difficulty "accepting" the situation, and I was very stubborn back in the day. 2) I was trapped in the hamster wheel of compulsive thinking, making it easy to attach my identity to the emotion and event. 3) I used to believe I deserved the painful experience (shame) from unhealed past trauma. It's our most significant challenge to let go, mainly because we can't fully let go - we can't fully let in. We must allow the feeling, which can be challenging. 4) I had to stop blaming others for what I felt and recognize that playing the victim would make it impossible to let go. 5) I was using my power (ego) instead of trusting the Source (God).

Some other helpful hints: --We let go more quickly by becoming the observer of our LIFE, not the judge! --Letting go becomes more manageable once we wake up and know our true essence of Love, Peace, and Joy. --Recognizing that we have a choice in many situations; do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy? It will make it easier to let go. --Instead of saying, “Let it Go, try saying, “Let it Be.”

It's important to remember that letting go and moving on is NOT something that can instantly happen to us. Just like falling in love or grieving, letting go is a process that requires keen self-awareness and compassion.

I like to use the word detachment to help me let go because we can connect to the Source (God) until we detach from our obsession.

"Detachment is not that we own nothing, but that nothing should own us."

"But the attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be." ~ Alan Watts

Letting go is in our own hands, no one else's.

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