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False Purpose

I once believed love, life, and others' respect and admiration would be mine if I could find a great purpose. I'd heard this repeatedly from world consciousness, friends, family, and many so-called spiritual teachers. At times, I thought I'd found it after years of pursuit only to remain miserable, confused, and addicted, as I continued to operate out of the ego of my mistaken identity.

I had no idea who I was, which made it easy to find many false purposes, waste time, and still feel unfulfilled, unhappy, purposeless, and prone to relapse.

Eventually, I let go of my pursuit of a great purpose and devoted my time to finding my authentic self. By focusing on my awakening (internal purpose) and the present moment, my outer purpose began to naturally show-up. Go figure!

When we connect to Source, stop basing our lives on others' opinions, look into the abyss, do the work, and fully engage in living life, our purpose, authentic self, and recovery arrive naturally.

But It Requires Discipline

To achieve anything, each of us has to become a different person. It requires discipline to do whatever it takes. Discipline is a dirty word for many who heard a lot about it in their families of origin, but it's essential to recovery and awakening. There are no secret formulas, hacks, or quick fixes, and there is no one coming to save us.

We must crush our rescue fantasy, decide we are worth saving, and take full responsibility for our lives. Bravely step into your true essence because playing small serves no one.

A Declaration and Commitment to Truth, Love, and Peace

"I am not a victim. I am worthy of the best in life, but I must stop waiting for someone to save me. I will be brave, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and do the work of recovery and awakening because I am worth it."

Satnam (truth is my identity) Paul Noiles from my upcoming book Mistaken Identity

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