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Why does surrender make people uncomfortable?

The word surrender makes many people uncomfortable. I think the real problem is that most don't understand what the word surrender really means.

Refusing to surrender is refusing to accept reality. Without surrender, we cannot access our spiritual power, and the seeds of recovery can never bear fruit. True surrender is standing up and with profound humility, saying, "I do not want to fight with myself or life anymore." It's waving the white flag and admitting that we don't have all the answers. It is the collapse of our ego and a new voice, which finally utters, "I need help." Without humility, we are not teachable, and addiction will keep kicking us in the ass.

Surrender is not something we can will, even if we desire it. It cannot come from our intellect. Our intelligence can be the enemy of surrender because it cannot make sense out of it. Surrender must come from the heart, from the gut, from the full understanding of our dilemma.

And the moment we surrender is the moment we have connected to a Higher Power. It's the real reason a lack of surrender is dangerous to recovery. True Surrender is how I learn to disconnect from my ego and connect Io a Higher Consciousness that permeates through all Life.

The other part of surrender that is usually never mentioned is admitting we don't know or possibly don't like who we are. It can only be dealt with by having the courage to admit with another human being we need help. We become humble because, without humility, we are not teachable. Surrender takes humility.

Now a little story about Surrender:

Jonathan was walking through the forest when suddenly, he stepped into quicksand. He began to sink rather quickly. Jon desperately tried to get out but sinks deeper with every move to get out. He then started to scream for help, but it was too late. Now almost completely covered and decided to accept his coming death. And in that moment of deep acceptance (surrender), he noticed a branch over the quick stand, all this time, and then pulled himself out of the quicksand. The moral of the story is that true surrender is the complete letting go of the EGO mind; it has to be exhausted / utter defeat. Then we can access the great power that permeates the whole universe.

Finally - surrender is a daily principle that we use, it's not a one-time thing.

Paul Noiles

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