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Everything Happens Within Us.”

Many people walk through the world without self-awareness because they have not done or had the opportunity to do the inner work of healing their wounds and past beliefs about themselves. That used to be me, which made it difficult to see the truth - much like looking through colored eyeglasses that distort our vision. I developed many coping mechanisms which looked at the world as the problem when the truth was staring right back at me in the mirror.

The truth is that “Everything Happens Within Us.”

“Light and darkness happen within you; pain and pleasure happen within you; joy and misery happen within you. Everything that has ever happened to you has happened within yourself! The events around you may NOT be determined by you, but how your experience of life is on this planet is 100% determined by you.” ~ Sadhguru, Indian yogi and author

How we experience life is 100 percent up to each one of us. Even when I was homeless 22 years ago during my addiction, it was up to me how I experienced that painful part of my life.

Think about it, is it not slavery if what happens within us is determined by someone else? Which happens when we get caught up in the blame game. Blaming people, places, and things have become the routine thing to do in the world.

But when we blame, we allow others to decide whether we are happy or unhappy; pleasant or unpleasant? We lose our true power when we do not take full responsibility and blame others for our emotional stability.

The hard reality is that no one can make us feel how we feel. It happens through our perceptions and interpretations of the moment to moment. Again it happens from within us.

Now for the million-dollar question; who should determine how it should happen within yourself? Someone else? Of course not – that way will produce a miserable life. And as Jesus taught, ‘The Kingdom of God is Within You.’

Love, Peace, and Joy

Paul Noiles

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