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Addicted to our Suffering #addictionrecovery

The hard reality is that most of us would rather stay with our current suffering than embrace change. It's almost as if we've become addicted to our suffering. But why?

Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing and daunting, making it easier to stick with what we know, even if it's painful. We find ourselves rationalizing that we at least know how to manage our current suffering - whether it's through eating, drinking, drugs, sex, internet, work, blame, or playing the victim. But let's face it, that's not managing; it's denial. Fear, often disguised as "false evidence appearing real," has taken control of our lives.

Misery begets misery. We're creatures of habit, drawn to the familiar without realizing that this repetition is slowly draining our spirits. Many of us have been there, accepting our suffering as the norm, which is a profoundly sad state.

I know this because I used to accept my suffering. I was terrified of the Light within me; it felt bigger than anything I knew. Fear defined my existence, and anything that threatened my fear-based identity made me run or self-sabotage.

The solution lies in saying 'yes' to the unknown! We must summon the courage to explore our true nature, something that exists beyond the limitations of our Mistaken Identity and is intricately connected to Life Itself.

In my journey, my old self eventually died, and I awakened to an all-encompassing LOVE. A profound love defied understanding, yet I became one with it, and so can you. And it was painful because that is how spiritual awakening works

Here are some crucial lessons I've learned about suffering:

 Suffering is a call to action, both individually and collectively. It's a message from Source that there is a better way.

 The most beautiful people are often those who have suffered and overcome. They become compassion warriors.

 Much of our suffering is mind chatter - the stories we tell ourselves. Remember, we are not our minds; we are the conscious observers of our thoughts and feelings.

 Suffering can lead us to recognize LOVE as our true state of BEING.

 Suffering is the Spirit's attempt to wake us up.

 Without suffering, we wouldn't appreciate its opposite.

 Suffering is a part of life but not who we are.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude for all the lessons suffering has taught me. I've understood that we can only recover and awaken when we're willing to shake up our routines and break free from old, self-limiting patterns. Be courageous, do the work of LOVE, and you will undoubtedly experience LOVE as your true nature.  


Paul Noiles

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