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You are not the mind!

I love Jeff Foster's way of dealing with thoughts, especially negative ones. He says to think of them as birds singing on a tree. For instance, "I am a success – I am a failure" just two birds chirping; chirp-chirp. They are just singing – "I am wonderful, and I am terrible” tweet-tweet.

They all have a right to sing. They all have a right to their opinion; it's a bird democracy. It's only a problem if we hate the bird. If you begin to make friends with the bird by recognizing - it's just a bird and NOT WHO WE ARE!

We create our prisons when we turn thoughts into an enemy and identity. Remember: what we resist will persist.

You see; we have been culturally, environmentally, socially, religiously, historically, and economically conditioned from other conditioned minds, like our parents, friends, teachers, people of popular culture, and those in authority, through labels, definitions, judgments, opinions, and words. Every thought we have is recycling what we have heard, understood, and been told from birth forward.

Making it even more difficult is our denial of not realizing that most of our suffering results from the prison of our minds. Without this realization, we will stay in the prison of our programmed minds.

"Most of our life is not coming from our conscious wishes and desires; it's coming from our programming." ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton

And we will do anything to get rid of those negative thoughts and beliefs like drinking, drugs, food, gambling, smoking, etc. Addiction was how I dealt with the prison of my mind for almost 18 years. Coming out of the programming was paramount to my recovery and awakening.

Once I began to recognize and inquiry COMPASSIONATELY my mind began to free itself from the prison. You see, the door was always open.

Inquiry questions to begin with; Are these thoughts true? How am I so sure these thoughts are true? Is this thought limiting me? How can I go beyond this limitation? And for God's sake, do your best not to judge your thoughts as - right or wrong because most are not ours in the first place.

The best thing I ever did was learn not to own my thoughts and feelings; instead, I allowed them to exist without ownership. Tweet, Tweet

When we are born, we are born with a PURE Consciousness (unconditioned – infinite possibilities – infinite mind). We are one with the fabric of existence. We are a field of intentionality, creativity, love, joy, and interconnectedness. We are not the MIND! We are the Love beyond it.

Have a wonderful day, beautiful souls! Paul Noiles

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