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You are a Sunflower

To all “Adult-Children who grew up in Unsafe Environments” and still carry the wounds and scars, I salute and honor all of you.

Your Life Matters – All of IT! But especially the pain and disconnection in childhood – it really matters.


Because You Matter! Your Journey Matters! Your Voice matters!

You’re a beautiful magnificent Sunflower. You just don’t know it fully yet!

The Pain, Disconnection, and Trauma are the way home – they are not your enemy – they need to be felt, heard, healed, and shared. They need to exist until you discover – You’re a Sunflower – always have been. The wounds and scars are the way back home. They will lead you to Love - your true self and freedom.

You Matter! You’re a Sunflower, and you will never be too much.

We are the Light beyond and within the Darkness.

All Sunflowers help others see they are also Sunflower. This is the important work I do daily. Yes, I am a Sunflower. Helping others know they are too!

We are all Sunflowers Paul Noiles

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