Why is it important to not judge our feelings?

We are allowed to feel ugly, sad, fearful, rejected, not good enough, hurt, angry and upset, etc. because there is no such thing as bad feelings contrary to popular belief. It is just our ego, our past programming and society that wants to judge our feelings as good or bad. When we judge, we stop the natural flow of our emotions and eventually will develop illnesses and/or dysfunctions. Life then becomes unbearable and then most people seek outside themselves in unhealthy ways to solve their feelings issues which will never work.

Addiction, for example, is very much an emotional illness. That is why every treatment centre, counsellor and psychologist etc., spend a great deal of time on teaching emotional awareness. Without it, there will be no success.

There is a great power that comes when I do not judge any feeling but instead honour and accept all feelings as a gift, the gift of life. They are like visitors but not who I am. There is no permanence in feelings unless we have attached meaning to them and then we will suffer longer than is needed. However, I will never judge anyone’s emotional journey except to remind them of their true nature -- LOVE.

We must let our emotions FULLY IN before we can FULLY LET GO, there are no other ways around it. If we miss the fully letting IN part, it will resurface, time and time again.

Once the emotional pain is trap in the memory of the pain body there is no choice, we must let it in before we can let it go . One of my biggest challenges at the beginning of my spiritual walk was allowing all past buried emotions to be re-felt and healed. I suggest not doing it alone.

Our hearts and bodies have emotional memory, like little brains, in fact, the heart is about 100 times stronger electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. There can be no healing without feeling all our feelings because we lose our connection to self, others and life.

So feelings are an important part of being a human because without opposites there can be no LIFE to be experienced but at the same time, we are not the opposites. We live in a duality and so the only way to know the experience of pleasure is to know its opposite pain vice versa but we are not the duality. We are the Intelligence that experience's the dualities of life. And our true nature is LOVE which is a state of being not a feeling, there is a difference. Once again we are the Consciousness that thinks and feels we are not them.

There is only ONE POWER in the Universe with different levels of vibrational energy, not good or bad feelings. In other words, there is no God saying this is a good feeling that is a bad feeling, that is just a man-made religion. Feelings are gifts of experience.

Our emotional IQ is crucial if we want to experience life to the fullest and live an awakened life.

Sat Nam Paul Noiles

Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful souls.

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