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We see the world as we are.

When we meet someone who appears different, remember it’s a holy encounter. As we see him, we will see ourselves. As we treat her, we treat ourselves. As we love him – we love ourselves. As we hate her – we hate ourselves. As we think of anyone - we think of ourselves.

There Is No Separation All Is ONE.

The qualities we most admire in others are our own, and the same goes for those qualities we dislike. For example, if we see someone as arrogant, it is because we know arrogance or we were arrogant at one point in our lives. If we see someone as a beautiful soul, it’s because we have or still do, see ourselves as a beautiful soul.

There Is No Separation All Is ONE.

In everyone, we will either find ourselves or lose ourselves. We will either wake up or not wake up. It is also important to remember that even the ones whose behaviours are definitely not holy; doesn’t mean they are not.

Homeless – Addicted - Sick was me. I used to be one of those others considered unholy and hopeless. You would never have known that looking at me today because I am awake and in long term recovery.

And so today, I do my best not to leave anyone feeling rejected or not part of the ONE LOVE that runs through all Life. Because Holiness is who we all are, just some have never known it or have forgotten.

I do this in remembrance of all who have died, feeling alone and believing they were unholy like I used too.

We see the world as we are, not as the world is.

Please remember EVERY encounter is another opportunity to witness the truth of who we really are in ourselves and in others.

Every time we talk to anyone, remember they are holding a mirror.

Have a wonderful day Beautiful Souls Satnam Paul Noiles

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