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How do you start you're day?

I wake up, most morning at 6 am (progress not perfection) and start my day with great reverence for life.

I dedicate the first 60 minutes of my day to building a loving, trusting relationship with the God of my understanding through the daily practice meditation, prayer treatment, and gratitude. They are the cornerstones of my morning ritual and have been doing for many years.

However years ago I used to despise 6 am and trust me, there was no reverence LOL because change is mofo difficult in beginning. But I also knew that “if nothing changes then nothing changes”.

We will never change ourselves or our lives if we are always doing the same pattern, the same shit over and over. And I desperately needed change because my life depended upon it.

I had to stop playing small and hold myself to a higher standard or I would never have made it. So I began to do the things I didn’t want to do and this was the granddaddy of them all. I had to grow up or continue to live in the misery.

Eventually, I fell in love with 6 am and the unknown. It was the key to my eventual freedom from addiction and awakening.

One Day = 1440 minutes = 86500 Seconds how are you going to live them???

Every morning we are deposited 86500 seconds into our “human life account” and at the end of each day, the 86500 seconds are withdrawn. There is no refund because there is no saving account for time. Once time is gone, it’s gone for good, making TIME one of our most valuable resources. Unlike other resources, such as talent, education, or money, we all have the same amount of time. It’s the only aspect of our lives whereby we are all truly equal, the only aspect over which we have some control.

Reports from the elderly population suggest one universal regret, "not using their limited amount of time on earth wisely." They wished they had spent more time with loved ones, more time following their heart’s desires and less time on meaningless activities.

The bottom line: To have the life we have dreamed; we will need to repetitiously follow a daily routine that supports our spiritual, mental and physical growth because it's our truest way to reprogram the subconscious mind which holds all our limiting beliefs.

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