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The answer to suffering!

The answer to suffering is to find meaning; it's how we let go of the victimhood question --why me?

To this day, it blows my mind that not only did I survive the deplorable life of addiction but that I thrived. I had a powerful awakening of consciousness, and it drove my long-term recovery.

"The cure for pain is in the pain." ~ Rumi

My suffering forced me to go within and discover my courage, strength and truth, but it was not until I began to serve others who were still suffering that I found the true meaning for all of it. Because now, I could use the years of suffering for good in the world; it broke my heart wide open and allowed my spirit to soar. I had come full circle and finally felt at home.

My story and others are a testament to how the power of love can transform anyone when they are ready to surrender and look at their suffering differently.

And here was the big game changer question: How can I use my experience(s) from years of suffering to make the world a better place?"

Viktor Frankl holocaust story is of the greatest examples of that; he found his meaning through self-transcendence, that is getting outside the self or rising above self, above your own physical limitations and trying to help others.

Choosing our reaction to a blow of fate can give meaning to our suffering which is exactly what I have done and will continue to do.

In conclusion, the suffering, though it is unpleasant and I could have died many times, it was not my enemy after all; but a “teacher” or a “trainer.” It provided me with a unique opportunity to wake and experience my TRUE NATURE of LOVE which was beyond all my suffering but then I had to give that away.

The most potent lesson from all my suffering was the inner knowledge that the Holy, the Divine, the Love that is Pure Consciousness was always within, even when the suffering was at the greatest, and I could still barely feel love’s flame. It was what kept me going. Somewhere within me, I knew, ALL IS WELL. It makes me cry even writing about today.

Grace upon Grace upon more Grace!

No one is exempt from suffering, yet we can thrive and flourish despite it—and, in some cases, because of it. May everyone reading this post find meaning in their suffering. It's my wish to all!


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