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Struggle and Grow

NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE, gets through life without real-life struggles and real heartbreak. We all have our crosses to bear; we have all have failed, made mistakes and done things we are not too proud. There are no infallible human beings. I think we all can forget this sometimes.

Life struggles are inevitable for everyone regardless of whether we can see the struggles or they happen from within us. And I believe it's impossible to know, (and none of our business) why some people have terrible things happen to them, and others don't.

For instance, I lost Nicole, the woman I wanted to marry in a car accident many years ago and was devastated. But for Nicole's mom, this was her second daughter lost to a car accident within three years. I could not even fathom her pain and I know that everyone reading this post has their own stories.

Here is what I have come to know from my painful struggles:

• All my worse life experiences were crucial and perfect for my spiritual evolution and who I am today. But sometimes it took many years before I could see it that way.

• Life is not fair! But once we understand and accept that life is not fair. We can let go of our resistance and then transcend those experiences. And then, life is no longer unfair.

• Not to judge myself or someone else's struggles or shortcomings. Why? Because things are always being worked out in the spiritual realm, and it's always for good. For most, it's really hard to see that because we are NOT God. Yes, we are One with Source but we are not the full embodiment of the One Power (God).

• Life on earth is about experiences and so there can be no experiences without duality. And so we need the so-called bad experiences to know the so-called good experiences, vice-versa. It's just the way it works.

• The people I judge the most, can be my most significant teachers because every person we meet has something unique to give us— if we are open to receiving.

• I believe that when our body dies, our endless, boundless energy will shift into a new form. What that form will be, remains a mystery, but understanding that we are energy helped me understand the possibility that I was deathless. Today, I believe we are all deathless.

• In every tragedy, there is something positive and loving to be found if we open our hearts and really look.

Life is precious my friends, Don’t waste it. Live with no regrets! The present moment is all we have, so choose wisely because you never know if it will be our last.

I leave you with this very well-known quote:

"Life's Journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit, what a ride!" ~ Hunter S. Thompson Paul Noiles

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