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Silence is the foundation.

There can be no knowing who we are without silence. There can be no authentic life without silence. There can be no awakening or lasting recovery without silence. There is no sanity without silence.


Because silence is in and through everything; it’s a life force that is fundamental to all that IS.

The more we shift our attention from thought to silence, the more we will wake up to our true state of Being -- the energy of Love. Hence the real self lives and breathes in silence.

They are joined at the hip.

“When we can be OK in complete SILENCE.

We will be OK with ourselves.” ~ Paul Noiles

Our answers are waiting in the silent intelligence that permeates the whole universe, not in more thinking, more talk therapy or more book knowledge etc. Naturally, spontaneously, we come to the miracle of our original mind that can only be accessed through silence. Her wide‑open wisdom is in all of us waiting to be called upon.

I believe that silence is the most important thing we can teach our children as well as ourselves because the whole world is full of distractions. In the end, there is no escaping the silence because we will all have to face it someday.

The question is, will you decide to make friends with it now because it’s part of who you are?

“Silence is the absolute core of reality, the inner nature of all that is.” ~ Swami Premodaya

Recovery: the New Cool

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