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Praise for Mistaken Identity:

“I’ve read several books about addiction, but this one is much, much more than that! Although Paul tells his story of recovery beautifully, the book’s greatest gift is how it leads us to discover the light of our own true being. Noiles believes that addiction is caused by deep emotional pain that creates an unlovable “Mistaken Identity.” Through recovery, gifted mentors, meditation, and a variety of spiritual practices, we grow into our “true identity”--a beacon of love in this world. Paul’s use of experts, research, personal stories, and transformative practices make for a fascinating read about addiction, rebirth, and joyful living. I highly recommend it!”

Gigi Langer, Ph.D. Psychological Studies in Education, Stanford University, author of 50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection.

“Paul Noiles is the real deal, and Mistaken Identity tells the real story. We live in a world that is coming apart from substance use disorders—deaths of despair climb with no end in sight. The war on drugs has morphed into a war on people. The acute care, rinse and repeat treatment model systematically ignores 90% of the problem. It can get downright depressing for those of us on the front lines. Thank God for people like Paul and books like Mistaken Identity. His comprehensive exploration of substance use disorders and the clear articulation of holistic recovery is top tier. Our programs serve thousands of people each year, and I am frequently asked: "What book should I read to learn more about addiction and recovery?" Finally, I have a recommendation that I can make without reservation. Mistaken Identity will get the job done and then some. Thank you, Paul, for this fantastic work.”

—Richard Jones: MA, MBA, LCAS, CCS, CEAP, SAP, CAI, certified EMDR Trauma Therapist.

“One of the great challenges people face in trying to overcome addiction is that their approach to finding freedom originates from within the same manner of thinking that led to the addiction in the first place. So, inevitably a person’s efforts to free her or himself do not work. With Mistaken Identity, Paul Noiles shares key insights and inspiration that originate not from within the addictive mindset, but from beyond it. Paul has had an awakening from the darkness of addiction, and it is detailed here as he touches on the many modalities of healing and ancient teachings which became a part of the tapestry of his recovery. From detailing the 10 layers of Mistaken Identity to providing seven practices of awakening, Paul has given us something practical, applicable and relevant. Mistaken Identity can guide a reader toward the Truth. I recommend it to anyone looking to move beyond addiction and thrive.”

—Tommy Rosen: Addiction Expert, Founder of Recovery 2.0, Yoga Teacher, author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life.

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