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Powerful video about Gratitude

Updated: Aug 30, 2018


It can be easy to forget how great it is to be alive! Mostly because we are too stuck in our heads, thinking about the things we don’t have or too busy trying to be a somebody in the world and so we end up never being happy. We are stuck in the future, and the present moment, where truth, love and joy, lives and breathes, passes us by.

The true meaning of gratitude lies in the appreciation for the small things in our lives. If we see the good in the little things in life , it will attract other good things because when we acknowledge goodness in our lives we become magnets for goodness and abundance. Gratitude is its own energy field, its own vibration that draws more good to each one of us. This is the true law of attraction.

Gratitude changes our entire reality. It changes the way we experience life. It totally changed my life. Show me a person in recovery with gratitude and I will show you a person who is not using.

Enjoy my post of Gratitude. I hope you enjoy the video and possibly be inspired to practice more gratitude in your own life.

She was found homeless on the streets of Oakland California
Deep Graitude for my little dog Sharona

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