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It's not a rejection; it's a redirection

Updated: Aug 30, 2018


Rejections are the most common emotional wound we sustain in daily life. Rejection is not a bad thing; in fact, when we observe some of our past rejections, we will discover a purpose for them. Our spouse wants a divorce, and we feel paralyzed, but many years later we find our true love. We lose what was the best job we ever had and feel devastated by the rejection, but six months later we have an even better one. We reject ourselves, develop an addiction to cope and years later we are grateful because it forced us to go within and recover. It is like the baby bird being kicked out of the nest so that it can learn to fly and discover the world.


My biggest fear was rejection, anyone finding out what I believed about myself because they would surely reject me. So I created the fake me to hide my shame but of course, with that type of mindset, my rejection button was tested constantly. So I found many unhealthy ways to escape the deep pain and addiction worked the best until it didn't anymore. In fact, rejection was my number one trigger for relapse. I am glad those days are long gone. It was not until I had enough pain and did the agonizing work of awakening that I began to experience the true nature of LOVE and my rejection button began to disappear slowly.

Through an awakening of consciousness, I have come to see that all my rejection issues were just a bunch of mistaken beliefs (thoughts) about myself that I wrongly believed in. Once I did the painful inner work, I was able to discover my true nature.

Relationships are to help us witness our state of being that of LOVE. You see, Spirit, God -IT- LOVE doesn't even know the word rejection, it's a human construct. We have relationships to help us recognize our Source.

Today whenever I feel rejected, I understand that it is not an attack on me personally. I know it is just past programming, old wiring. Rejection is not who I am, and it is when I resist "what is" that rejection grows stronger. The bottom-line is that we are never rejected. They are just thoughts in our heads that we believe are true! In the end, rejection is just a feeling, a very valid and painfully human experience but we are not our feelings just as much as we are not our thoughts and false beliefs.

Finally, my steps when feeling rejected. Admit that I feel rejected, admit it sucks because I cannot let go what I cannot first let in, be the observer of how my body feels, do something loving for myself, call someone who loves me, for support and finally know its just a bullshit story, not the truth.



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