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Every human being is addicted!

I am going to make a bold statement, “Every human being is addicted, in one way or another.”

Because we have ALL at one time or another tried to escape or distract ourselves from the present moment or soothe the discomfort of being a human being through materialism, shopping, money, alcohol, drugs, people, work, Netflix, smartphone, internet, food and even spirituality. We have all sought outside ourselves when in pain and suffering.

We could even say that there is only one addiction that expresses itself in many different ways and that addiction, is the addiction to ME – I – Myself. Thinking of ourselves has become our disease. We are addicted to ourselves. It’s the core of every addiction. We are addicted to holding, defining, improving and perfecting the story of ourselves.

It does not matter what we are seeking; it’s still an attempt to not be in the present moment and believing we are incomplete; not whole. That is the tragedy of all addictions, is the search for something we can never find because we are IT already!!!!!

Stop looking outside to things that pass away and die, look within and experience that which is real and eternal. Nothing outside ourselves can bring us a feeling of home. Recovery is an inside job. Our true nature of love peace and joy is within. That is why our truest solution to addiction is an awakening of consciousness.

Heaven is NOW. We are the LOVE we have been seeking.

From my upcoming book - The Mistaken Identity Model of Addiction - Sept 1 2019.

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