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Are you addicted to suffering?

Addiction is not just about abusing substances like drugs, alcohol, food (sugar), cigarettes and behaviours such as sex addiction, codependency, shopping, and gambling.

There are also "thought addictions" like perfectionism, compulsive negative thinking and worrying and "emotion (feeling) addictions" like anger, rage, guilt, fear and even "SUFFERING."

Yes, you heard me correct, we can become addicted to suffering. My past is a great example:

Over many years, I not only became addicted to a powerful substance but also to an internal emotional state of suffering and struggle. The two went together like bread and butter. I became just as wired to the feelings of suffering as the drugs themselves. Eventually, "I deserved to suffer" was the constant message. It was all I seemed to know.

It's a real miracle, I've not only survived, but I've thrived and today help others who have become addicted to their suffering like I used too.

Does this sound familiar to you:

• You have spent years trying to make real changes in many areas of your life without success.

• Your suffering is not only predictable but you have become comfortable with it.

• The unknown scares the living shit out of you.

• You become so used to the years suffering that you attach identity to your suffering. In other words, you believe suffering is part of who you are, and you deserve it. There can be no, greater lie.

• You are playing a victim without even knowing it. (Denial)

• Your suffering gives you some type of identity, including your friends, lifestyle, social status etc. And without it, you would feel lost.

• Change makes you anxious and very uncomfortable. Why? Because then you would have to take responsibility.

• You look for suffering to avoid the lack of love you feel for yourself because that feeling is too unbearable.

If this sounds familiar there is a good chance you might be addicted to your suffering and struggle. (Aka – emotional addiction.) I personally believe it’s growing at epic proportions.

Now here is what science has to say about the subject:

1) If we often experience the emotional cluster of suffering and struggle -- that's what our body is addicted to and will instruct our unconscious mind to seek out or create the circumstances that will produce more suffering and struggle- its desired fix. If our unconscious mind has a program called 'struggle' or 'suffering' solidly wired, it will ensure that this program will run continuously, if possible. We can also call it self-sabotage, as that's what it is.

2) Every emotion, either positive or negative, is a blend of chemicals (neurotransmitters and hormones) that our brain instantly produces in response to thoughts. This cocktail circulates throughout the body producing corresponding sensations that are felt at both the psychological and physical levels. The chemistry of emotion is very addictive if repeated frequently over a long period -- just like the chemistry of nicotine, alcohol and drugs.

The answer to emotional addiction or any addiction is an awakening of consciousness. We must peel the layers of our Mistaken Identity and claim ‘LOVE’ as our true essence.


Have a peace-filled weekend. Paul Noiles

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