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All Relationships are Holy Encounters.

When we 'feel' someone caring for our well-being, we start to 'care' more about ourselves. Most times, we don't even know it's happening.

We are bridges for one another; it's the way energy works. The question is, do you want to be a bridge of compassion, kindness, empathy and love? OR a bridge of indifference, insensitivity, hatred, resentment and animosity?

The secret to remember: There is 'always' a bridge between everyone we meet and the bridge goes 'both ways'.

Here is the bridge in action;

When I care about you - it's because I care about myself. When I accept you - I am also accepting myself. When I can unconditionally love you - I unconditionally love myself. When I can forgive you - I forgive myself. When I bless you - I bless myself.

The Creative Energy of the Universe (God) is the Bridge. All relationships are holy encounters because they show us everything that is holding us back from knowing LOVE resides within ourselves and the other person.

The real deep-down truth is that there is only ONE BRIDGE - ONE LOVE that appears different. When you know this in your heart, you will rarely hurt another living thing. And if you do, you will make amends quickly.

Having good people in our life makes a colossal difference. One person can have a significant impact on another. I have been blessed with such people.

Have a peace-filled day. Paul Noiles

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