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Everything must fall apart.

Everything must fall apart before things can change. It is the way of nature. This is how true spiritual awakening works.

Old patterns, perceptions, beliefs, fears, thoughts, emotions, and ideas needed to collapse because they were the real reasons I suffered. All the stories about myself were just that “stories”, not solid truth. I suffered mostly because of the bullshit that I had bought into about myself. I say this in a compassionate - funny way; not to put myself down. (I find humour to be very healing.)

I had a crisis of consciousness, an identity crisis of the soul whereby I could no longer accept my old “self” as true. My whole life was “I”; it had to go, or I would have to continue to live in misery.

But I didn’t!

Instead, I screamed, cried, and stomped! I did whatever was required to release the deep levels of sadness and toxic shame. Most importantly, I did not try to hold it all together because it had to crumble because it didn’t serve me anymore. I did the work and stood my ground, because the old identity, with all the stories, desperately wanted to live. Over time the old self (Mistaken Identity) slowly died so that my true nature (love) could live.

I woke up!

Don’t give up on your glorious opportunity to finally wake up and know that you are good enough, have always been good enough and will always be good enough because we are already the LIGHT we seek.

There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to change. Just allow the identity crisis to arise from its darkness and the awakening will unfold.

"Those who have been to the darkest places will experience an equal, opposite LIGHT when they finally wake up. It is not personal, it’s Newton’s third law of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Paul Noiles

I invite all readers to remove the disguise, to further explore that knowing, and to experience the miracle of who they truly are in deeper, ever-expanding ways. I write to help all of us, including myself – REMEMBER – the energy of LOVE IS who we are!

Recovery: the New Cool Paul Noiles

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