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Addiction and the Heart.

We are born with this incredible creative vulnerability, every one of us, it’s one of our greatest gifts. However, if we are mentally or physically or emotionally or sexually harmed, or not responded, or received with unconditional love in childhood. Our hearts will begin to shut down over time, stopping the necessary wiring for human connection and emotional maturity. Then, we look at life through the shutdown limited individualistic point of view, which is to protect ourselves from more harm. Which is living life from fear-based reality.

They say the best defence is a good offence, and for me, that was a huge ego. However, it contradicted my true nature, causing lots of pain, suffering and confusion. It was the beginning of my Mistaken Identity.

Eventually, I accidentally found my substance of choice, and I felt a false sense of connection, safety and wholeness. It was like my heart had reopened. It’s no wonder I became hopelessly addicted.

How we react to our childhood issues (trauma and emotional loss) is different for everyone. For me and many others, addiction was our way to deal with our shutdown heart. Others, become an abuser themselves (hurt people - hurt others), others play the constant victim card, others are codependent, mental illness like OCD, violence, big egos, and many other disorders and dysfunctions. It’s rare for some people not to be affected by trauma.

They say, the longest journey is the one from the mind to the heart, and when it comes to recovery, I say – ABSOLUTELY!

At the core, addiction is the shutting down of the Heart Charka, and when that happened, I lost myself. I can firmly say that my spiritual awakening happened the moment my mind and heart reconnected. It was then, I lost all desire to use, and I have never looked back. It took a ton of hard work to undo my Mistaken Identity.

If we really want to stop the expansion of addiction and I am talking about all addictions, we need to raise our children well. It truly takes a village to raise a child well. Unfortunately, the children of the world have never been more stressed and shutdown. Addiction is only going to increase epically if we don’t come to the realization that the first seven years are the most critical because most of our negative subconscious programming is downloaded during this time.

What is truly amazing is how resilient so many of us are and I applaud all of you.

Healing to All!

Paul Noiles

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