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Addicted to Suffering

The hard reality is that most people would rather stay with their current suffering than change. It's like we become addicted to our suffering.


Because - the fear of change (the unknown) seems scarier and requires more work. We rationalize that at least we know how to manage our current suffering somewhat. I.E., eating, drinking, drugs, sex, internet, work, blame, victimhood, etc. But no matter how we slice and dice it, that is not management; that is denial. Fear - false evidence appearing real has hijacked our lives.

Misery begets misery.

We humans like the familiar; without realizing, the same shit over and over is slowly killing our Spirit. That used to be me. I accepted my suffering, and that was sad.

Here is why I used to accept suffering?

I was scared of the Light within; it was bigger than what I knew. FEAR was all I knew, and if anything came along that was bigger than my fear-based identity, I would run or sabotage it.

Our solution is to say 'yes' to the unknown! Do the courageous work of knowing our true nature, that is beyond the veil of our Mistaken Identity and One with Life Itself.

Eventually, my old self died and I woke-up to an all-encompassing LOVE. A LOVE that was beyond all understanding and yet, I was ONE with IT and so are YOU.

Here are a few important things I now teach about suffering:

• Suffering is a call to action both individually and collectively! It's a message from Source that there is a better way. For example, the suffering that comes from poverty and war is individual and collective.

• The most beautiful people are those of us who have suffered and overcome. Examples, those who overcame cancer, addiction or loss of someone they loved. We then become compassion warriors.

• A lot of our suffering is nothing more than mind chatter. A belief in the bullshit of our minds. We are not our minds! We are the conscious observer of thoughts and feelings. There is no permanence in them.

• Suffering leads to knowing LOVE as our actual state of BEING.

• Suffering is Spirit trying to wake us up.

• Without suffering we would not know the Opposite.

• Suffering is part of life but it is also not who we are.

Finally, if it wasn't for all the suffering I would not have woke-up and so I am grateful for all the lessons suffering has taught me.

We can never recover or wake-up until we're willing to shake up our routines and break free of old, self-limiting patterns. Be courageous, do the work of LOVE, and you will experience LOVE as your true nature.

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