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20 Gold Nuggets of Awakening:

Awakening is a painful and challenging process. Here are 20 gold nuggets that I discovered on my journey:

1) If nothing changes, nothing changes. We will never change our lives until we become willing to change our daily routines. Period – end of story!

2) What others think of us is none of their business, but more important; what others think of us is none of our business! "To thine own self be true." ~ Shakespeare

3) We must stop wanting to be rescued because it's no one's job to save us but ourselves. We alone must decide that we are worth it and then ask for help.

4) Pain is not our enemy: It's a road sign pointing us back to LOVE. All resistance toward pain only increases the pain. We must stop running and face the pain; it's the only way through. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable—embrace it, and we will be living among the gods.

5) We don't make mistakes. Mistakes make us. Mistakes can make us wiser, healthier, stronger, and less fearful. Mistakes are an opportunity to grow, not to condemn.

6) What we focus on expands. It's why gratitude is vital. Show me a person with gratitude, and I will show you someone clean, sober, and living in joy.

7) Feelings & Perceptions: Why is it important to differentiate? Feelings are our own and are about ourselves. Perceptions are about somebody else. Even if they’re accurate. Very often perceptions are NOT accurate. We can’t argue with feelings – we just accept them.

😎 The root of addiction is invariably pain. Whether a homeless intravenous drug user or an executive going to bed each night with half a bottle of single malt, the common denominator is the conscious and unconscious pain.

9) It is in our vulnerability that our true POWER resides.

10) "All is well with our soul!" Even when we think NOT! We have only blocked from Love Peace and Joy our true essence! What blocks you?

11) The full acceptance of what is; is always my first step. Blame is the victim mode and will never serve us; we must take full responsibility.

12) Before every significant breakthrough, there is usually a breakdown.

13) Practice compassion and loving-kindness for ourselves no matter what happens. I call this unconditional self-acceptance.

14) Stay in our own lane. We can't give away what we don't have for ourselves.

15) People-pleasing or trying to fit in - is a trauma response.

16) We are not the mind; we are the consciousness with thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.

17) FEAR is always about some future that has not happened or some past that is already gone. It's never about the NOW. It's why all the great minds say FEAR IS AN ILLUSION.

18) We need to make peace with our shadow (shame) or continue to live in constant fear of being exposed.

19) The only thing holding us back from forgiveness is ourselves. Remember - the Source (God) does not know forgiveness because God is LOVE, and God cannot forgive because IT has never condemned. Forgiveness is the greatest gift we could ever give ourselves.

20) Make the NOW - your primary purpose and watch your life take off.

Have a peace-filled day, my friends.

Paul Noiles

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